Coach Nikki

Hey everyone! My name is Nikki and I am a UofT alumni with a Bachelor of Psychology and Biology. I am a CanFit Pro certified Personal Training Specialist and Coach at Project RISE. Growing up I was always busy after school doing some kind of physical activity and I loved it. In addition to swimming recreationally, I played house league soccer and was a tap and jazz dancer for almost 10 years. Despite being active, I struggled for a long time with my relationship with food. During university, life got complicated and my fitness was temporarily put on the backburner. I was at one of my highest my peaks in my struggle with depression and anxiety and it really impacted my health, my goals, my relationships with others and most importantly… my relationship with myself. It was just around the time that I graduated from university that I realized I needed to find a way to reignite my passion for movement. From there I discovered and opened myself to trying different styles of fitness and worked on developing healthier coping mechanisms other than relying on unhealthy food choices and habits. I successfully lost over 50lbs and fell in love with learning more about Calisthenics and bodyweight training. Not only did I crave learning more to improve my own training, but I also wanted to share what I learned with others to help them on their own journey.

I love that fitness, especially Calisthenics and bodyweight training, can translate into movement anywhere and anytime. I love that movement can become not only a way to stay physiologically healthy but mentally as well. I truly believe that we are all a work in progress, we will all have good days and bad but that is what brings so much beauty to the whole never ending journey.

The entire community at Project RISE inspires me every day to never stop learning and growing and to use my actions to add positivity to the world around me.

My name is Nikki and I am Project RISE.

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