Coach Diane

Hello! My name is Diane and I am a McMaster Kinesiology graduate, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Practitioner. One thing I am proud of, is my determination to never quit or settle and to always strive for more. Through past experience of an eating disorder that encompassed an unhealthy relationship with both fitness & nutrition and currently striving to find balance, I aspire to inspire others through action, watching me persevere through my ongoing struggle.

Our bodies are vessels for us to experience what the world has to offer. It does not matter what your reflection in the mirror is, how much you can lift or how impressive your skills are.  Rather what does matter is when you close your eyes and reflect inwards, how do you feel?

Training makes me feel empowered, accomplished and good enough. Calisthenics specifically provides me with the opportunity to focus on what my body can do and achieving new skills reminds me I am indeed progressing.  Calisthenics allows me to practice being consistent, determined and patient and challenges me to accept myself and not compare myself to others. Calisthenics teaches me to love myself, appreciate my body and to always have an evolving goals list because it is a lifestyle with no destination but instead, many ways to grow and challenge yourself.

My mission is to help others in all walks of life feel good in their bodies and proud of where they are NOW.  By watching my journey and my progress I hope to inspire others to continuously grow and challenge themselves to be THEIR best self.  My training focuses on body weight movement; mainly calisthenics as well as strength training, functional movement and yoga.  As a nutritionist, my goal is to help others find a healthy balanced relationship with food.  By educating others about the healing powers of food and reminding them of the purpose of food; that food is our fuel and meant to nourish us, my hope is to alleviate any confusion or stress people have regarding food.

Both food & exercise is medicine, and when prescribed correctly, catered to the individual, both can have huge positive impacts on our quality of life.  My goal as a trainer and nutritionist is to help guide you to figure out for yourself what your doses are.

My name is Diane and I am Project Rise.

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