Personal Training

What is personal training and who needs it?

At Project R.I.S.E. we would recommend personal training to anyone who would like to start a new healthy lifestyle journey or elevate one they have already started on. Our personal training sessions provide individualized workout plans that take into consideration your fitness background, current and future goals, as well as any injuries or health concerns. Personal training is ideal for anyone who’s learning style works best with direct one-on-one instruction and have a more intimate push to keep going strong.

No contract.

Obligations only to yourself and your goals. Share your goals with us and we’ll help you get there.

Our Project R.I.S.E. team proudly consists of well known certified Coaches that are consistently hungry for learning more so we can teach more. We truly believe that in order to be a good teacher you first have to be a good student. With accumulated experience and an in-house requirement of consistent professional development, each of our coaches has a unique teaching style and focus on various avenues of fitness. We are confident that you can find a Coach in our team that best fits your goals.

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