12-week Nutritional Consulting  

Food is our fuel and is meant to nourish us. Our Certified Nutritional Practitioner Diane focuses on nutrition as the root to achieving optimal health.  Diane works with everyone from beginners who are wanting to learn how to eat healthier, to individuals who need to lose or gain weight, people who want to improve their relationship with food, to anyone who may be experiencing any type of health concern.  It is important to build a solid foundation using whole foods that are nourishing to you and your needs, in addition to self-care practices, movement, and when necessary high-quality supplementation. Nutrition and lifestyle changes can positively impact your life and alleviate many health problems, such as; poor energy, joint/muscle pain, difficulty sleeping, digestive distress and fluctuations in mood, to name a few.


What’s included in this 3-month program?

  • 90-minute initial intake, which includes a full health assessment, reviewing major health concerns as well as your health goals.
  • After this consultation, you will receive an individualized health plan that will include foods to include and avoid/decrease, in addition to lifestyle habits to implement.  
  • 2 monthly or 5 bi-weekly additional 60-minute follow-ups to review your progress and make necessary changes while continuing to work towards your health goals.  
  • You will receive an updated health plan after each follow-up. 
  • Throughout the 3 months working with Diane, you will have unlimited email access


8-week Macro Coaching 

Nutrition is not a one size fits all approach.  Figuring out what foods sit right in your body, what amounts, how often and what timings are very individualized.  Now, throw in the question of what macro split you should aim for, and when to time your meals around your workouts, making a meal plan can be very daunting and overwhelming. Why should you meal plan or care about your macros? Meal planning is a great tool for anyone who wants to optimize their nutrition to reach their fitness and/or health goals.  Combining foods in the right amounts, at the right times, can have a drastic influence on both performance and recovery when it comes to fitness.  Our Certified Nutritional Practitioner Diane will sit down with you to create a personalized meal plan that is catered to your health goals and nutritional preferences.


What’s included in the 8 weeks?

  • 90-minute initial intake to talk about your health goals and nutritional preferences. 
  • After this consultation, you will receive your personalized meal plan. 
  • Weekly or bi-weekly 60-minute check-ins to discuss your progress and make necessary changes.  
  • After each follow-up, you will receive an updated meal plan.  
  • You will have unlimited email access to Diane during your time working together 


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