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Project RISE is formed around the idea of family

In a world full of disconnectivity through interconnectivity (social media, news, the internet etc.) we want to rebuild the connective tissue that is slowly disappearing – in person, personal, shared human experience. We don’t just “workout” together. We are a team and a family working towards bettering each others lives. When you have one rep left to go, the whole R.I.S.E. family is cheering you on. Any new person that walks through our doors becomes a member of our family.

Interested in an even more tailored training approach? Try personal training!

Whether you are a beginner on your fitness journey, an athlete looking to level up or anywhere in between, personal training may be the avenue you want to get started with. Our elite coaches take care to provide custom one-on-one programs designed with your specific goals and needs in mind while keeping each session fun, unique and filled with learning.

We have a saying and a belief at Project R.I.S.E. “The biggest compliment any student can give us is not needing our help anymore.”

We strive to get you to your goals as quickly as possible while sharing our knowledge for you to be able to workout on your own as well to maximize your success.

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